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 project gyrocam

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PostSubject: project gyrocam   Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:18 am

this is one for the summer but basically if your
into radio controlled planes/helis like me its quite
an easy build.....the hardest part is building the mount
so first you need a gyro/servo unit, no need for a high
tech 180 degree one unless you plan on doing rolls lol

so for this you need a GS-1 gyro/servo costs $69

when you turn it on it sets home position(bike in upright postion)
then trys its best to stay in that position.

then you need a camera...if you have the money you can use
a gopro or for this test the keychain HD cam will do (very good footage from these)


this in one in action

9v plane battery will run it and then the hard part is making a mount,
probably need something that will mount on the petrol cap then
screw the servo to that.then put a tray on the front of the
servo and thats your camera mount finished

and then you end up with footage like this

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project gyrocam
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